Minor update released – version 1.3

I’ve today released a new version of 23++ to cope with a change to 23andMe’s website. I was working on some new features and wanted to wait until I’d completed these before doing another release, but I needed to get this fix out. There is also one new feature in this version – the ability to have your surnames automatically sorted into alphabetical order (there’s a new button by the surnames box). Note that they must be in the correct format (comma-separated, only surnames in the box) for this to work properly.

No need to manually download this version if you’ve already installed the extension, it will be updated automatically.

If you’re a new user, you can head to the download page to install the extension.

As always, happy to receive feedback or feature requests by mail. For those asking why the extension doesn’t work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or other browsers, the answer is that it’s technically impossible for this plugin to work with any other browser – a whole new plugin would have to be written for each. As I don’t use those browsers, I have no incentive to write one. Sorry.

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