New features coming in 23++ Chrome Extension

Just a quick post to give people a heads-up on some new features I’m planning to add to the extension over the next few months.

  1. The ability to set your own generation length, to be used for the year range calculations in RF (currently a generation is considered to be 30 years).
  2. When viewing a user’s profile page on 23andMe, identify users with whom you’re matched on services outside 23andMe (HIR Search, Jim McMillan’s database, etc).
  3. For user’s with multiple profiles, the option to have a confirmation dialogue displayed each time you post in the community to confirm which profile you’re posting as. I hear it’s easy to change profiles accidentally, resulting in people posting as the wrong profile.
  4. A new default introduction message for contacting relatives in RF, worded to encourage responses.
  5. Option to enable Soundex for matching of surnames.

I can’t promise all these features will work out – sometimes things I want to add are simply too hard, but most of these should be fairly easy to implement. I will of course be keeping an eye on the community for any other good ideas that can be added to the extension.

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2 Responses to New features coming in 23++ Chrome Extension

  1. J. D. George says:

    David — 23andMe just updated the site, and V1.4 is now broken in places. If you base you calculation about an ancestor’s predicted birth, by somehow using each person’s real age … your going to find that a lot of people are not liking 23andMe’s forced-showing of age to some or all groups … I’m now about 134 yrs old … and that may explain why my predicted 3rd cousin is shown being born from 1757 to 1787 … and I think a bunch of ladies especially are going to balk about this being-forced-to-reveal business ….

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the tip-off, I’ve just released an update to accommodate the changes. It did use your birth year, it doesn’t any more 🙂

    See the latest post on here for the details. Hopefully the new calculation is still reasonable…

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