Number of 23++ users

I sometimes get asked how many people are using the extension – my usual response is that I have no idea, or some rough guestimate. So I decided to actually look at the figures and find out how usage has grown since the first release.

23++ Usage over time

I found that there’s about 200 23andMe customers using the extension currently. I’m not sure how many I was expecting, but given the relatively low market share Google Chrome has (about 11% according to recent figures) I’m happy with 200!

The figures are slightly skewed as they depend on how long each release was available for before it was superseded – in some cases I did more than one release in the same day (!) so those ones have been excluded from the graph.

I believe the drop-off at the end is simply because 1.4.7 was only available for two weeks before I released the next version, while 1.4.5 was available for more than a month.

In case 23andMe were wondering how many people want them to improve their website, they now know – 200 customers can’t be wrong!

Edit: Updated with 1.5 stats

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