23++ Chrome Extension 1.6 released

So it’s been just over a week since the last release, but I had some good feature requests and a minor bug I needed to fix. 1.6 adds a major new feature – replacement of the 23andMe inbox. It was noted in thisĀ DNA Forums thread that the 23andMe inbox is a real pain if you’ve got a lot of messages – you can’t sort or search, making it really hard to find messages. The replacement inbox allows you to sort messages by user, subject or date and search on the same fields.

23++ InboxYou can also show up to 100 messages on a single page, if you so wish (the default is 10). You can search by subject, but not the content of messages I’m afraid. Be aware that it may take a while for the inbox to load if you have a lot of messages and/or a slow Internet connection, but once loaded searching, sorting and browsing from page-to-page is instant.

In other news, the extension now adds the number of shared cM to Relative Finder alongside the DNA percent shared. The estimated common ancestor range is now included in discovery view as well as list view.

I’ve also made some changes behind-the-scenes which should make the extension faster and reduce the size of the download.

If you already use the extension you’ll get this new version automatically, if not – what are you waiting for? Go to the download page now!

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2 Responses to 23++ Chrome Extension 1.6 released

  1. Patrick Berge says:

    Wow 1.6.1 is very cool especially the inbox display and sorting. Can you please add similar features to the sent box? Also a checkbox to hide RF request contact messages would be the best.

    Keep up the great work. Much Thanks!

  2. Patrick Berge says:

    Thanks for adding the expanded messaging to the sent list in 1.7!

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