Breakdown of 23++ downloads by country

Someone was asking in the 23andMe forums today about the make-up of the 23andMe customer base – the impression most people get is that their customers are predominantly from the US. I figured that if I check where users downloading this extension are from, they will be broadly indicative of the 23andMe customer base.

23++ Downloads by country

No massive surprises here! Of the 509 unique downloads of the extension since time began, 70.3% of those were from the US. Following some way behind is the UK at 6.1%.

23++ Downloads by continent

If we break it down by continent, we see that North America accounts for 73.5% of downloads, with Europe some way behind with 19.6%. There were no downloads from Africa in my sample.

23++ European DownloadsIf we focus on Europe only, we can see that the most downloads were from the UK, followed by Germany. Scandinavia is quite well represented, the Southern Europe figures seem low.

So what can we surmise from this rather unscientific analysis of a small sample? Not a whole lot, except that the 23andMe customer base looks to still be dominated by the US, although Europe isn’t too far behind. Other populations are still very under-represented, which is a shame. Maybe all 23andMe need to do is translate their website into a few different languages – I wouldn’t much fancy trying to understand such a complicated subject in a language I don’t speak natively!

Edit: some downloads were accidentally excluded from my analysis. I’ve updated the charts and figures to include these – Australia is now represented!

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3 Responses to Breakdown of 23++ downloads by country

  1. Katasarka says:

    One problem is that 23andme is only shipping kits to US and Europe but not to africa or asia (there’s an exception for Singapore if i remember well). African or asian people who get tested lives in Europe and US and download your extension from there.

  2. Samantha Hoy says:

    I am in Australia and have been using this extension for a while now, and I’m sure I’m not the only Aussie who’s found it. It’s fantastic!

  3. admin says:

    Samantha: on closer inspection some downloads didn’t get included, including for some reason all those from Australia and NZ. I’ve now updated the post – Australia actually accounts for 2.6% of total downloads 🙂

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