23++ Chrome Extension updated for Relative Finder v2

The promised Relative Finder changes are now upon us and as expected the RF features in the extension had to be largely re-written to work with the new interface.

The good news is that this is complete! As 23andMe have failed to implement any of the extension’s features themselves all the original features have been restored:

  • Auto-matching of surnames
  • Addition of country flags
  • MRCA estimate
  • Calculation of cM shared
  • Date pending communications were sent
  • Age calculation

In addition I have made a number of cosmetic changes which I hope make the interface clearer – my intention being to make the important things stand out, which they don’t by default:

  • Your total number of matches is now more prominent
  • No more small grey text
  • Profile pictures are made bigger
  • Match names are made bigger and bold
  • Predicted relationship is made bold
  • The contact status column is colour-coded based on contact status
  • You sometimes get empty boxes if users don’t enter surnames or places correctly, these are hidden


As always there has also been some minor bug fixes and optimisations behind-the-scenes. If you already have the extension you’ll get the new version (v1.8.0) automatically, if not head to the download page.

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17 Responses to 23++ Chrome Extension updated for Relative Finder v2

  1. Victor Hawk says:

    Thank you David, love it. Makes me want to stay on RF and stroll around it for ages.

    One of the talked about issues with the new RF is that it’s missing a way to display “Matches Not Yet Contacted” sorted by %DNA shared. It would solve a need of the community if you could find a way to do that. Folks are also missing the “new in the last 7 days” and “new in the last 30 days” functions, although it’s not obvious whether the join-date is available in the data there.

    This tool is getting more important to my use of 23andMe RF. Thanks a bunch.

  2. J. D. George says:

    David — Again, what you have done is Fantastic! .. Very Much Appreciated …

    One minor bug however in MRCA calc .. When the range is partially non-numeric .. it chokes on reading the “D” and outputs the following result:

    3rd to Distant Cousin
    0.16% (12cM) shared
    1 segment
    Estimated that your common ancestor was born before 1951.

    Thanks again .. 🙂

    Regards, Dante

  3. admin says:

    I don’t think I can do anything with regards to sorting of data – the sorting is all done server-side behind-the-scenes so I can’t manipulate it in any way. I could you grab all the data and make my own RF interface, but that’s probably a lot of work 🙂

    I have fixed the MRCA calculation bug, many thanks for pointing it out.

  4. J. D. George says:

    Hi David,

    I’m experiencing an infinite-loop bug, regarding dates off to the right side .. doesn’t show up when I disable the extension .. as many as 5 dates per person before I quit the page .. the dates are somewhat random, usually 2-7 days apart, and sometimes jumping backwards and forwards in time .. Resource Monitor seemed to show data just kept coming from 23andMe .. so I’m assuming you were querying for the dates somehow ..
    I’ve seen it twice now, under accounts I manage .. not really sure it happened under my main account .. I’m on Windows 7 …

    Thanks for your help, and keep up the good work … 🙂

    Regards, Dante

  5. admin says:

    Hmm, that shouldn’t happen… I might have fixed it in the latest release, but can’t be sure as I haven’t seen it myself. Can you remember if you clicked anything or filtered the results before it happened?

  6. J. D. George says:

    I just verified that it is still happening in V1.8.1, in my main account .. every time, I have been filtering by “sort by contact status” .. most times, it has been a “mixed” page, with Public Matches + people I need to contact – that says – “send an introduction” .. this time, I went to the last page, that had 6 people on it .. and waited, probably 40 min. to an hour … and it stopped by itself .. that page was slightly different .. 1 with one date, 1 with 3 dates, .. the rest with two dates .. interestingly, this is the first time I saw it repeat the same date .. it happened with 4 of the 6 people … the one with 3 dates, had an earlier date interjected between the other (same) dates ..

    For some reason, it is querying more than the amt of people per page .. OR .. it fails to recognize the end of the page, and is accessing dates for different pages, perhaps? ..
    You’re not doing any calculation to generate those dates .. are you? .. other than to generate “(4 days ago)”-type things, correct? .. so if it is fetching .. it is coming up with different dates somehow ..
    It’s interesting that it seemed to stop on that short page …

    Several times I was clicking to make contact with a person .. before the page fully loaded .. and it was “shadowed-out” .. but these last two times, I just let the page load .. and it still happens …

  7. J. D. George says:

    ditto .. V1.8.2 .. just minutes ago .. I had a thought — one thing I am doing that might be different from some, is I’m running multiple tabs on 23, in Chrome .. 7 right now …
    Earlier tonight it seemed like no dates were coming up at all, for a good period of time, while in my main account .. later, when I started sending invites, and got into an acct I manage, it started up again ..

    Something different .. on a “mixed page” .. with 8 Public Matches from a good while back .. the top date, of 4 or 5 dates, said :
    Jul 11, 2011
    (4 minutes ago)

    …… and then 3, 3, 3, and 2 minutes, on each other person …

  8. Kenneth Sargent says:

    I believe the condition in which “Your profile is visible in Relative Finder.” has changed.

    I believe that you must now (1)make your name visible to all 23andme users on your profile page as well as (2) not checking the “I do not want to receive sharing invitations from anyone.”

  9. admin says:

    @J. D. George: I haven’t been able to recreate the issue you describe, but I suspect what’s happening is that the extension is sending off a bunch of requests for dates, then you change the sorting or filtering before all the results have been returned. The extension, not realising that the page has changed, goes ahead and adds them when they get returned.

    I have hopefully fixed this, I need to test my changes for a day or so before I release them.

    @Kenneth Sargent: The extension checks the options in RF under the ‘Update your profile’ link. If the user is making their name visible and hasn’t opted out, the extension considers the user visible. Changing your name visibility in RF changes it for your profile too. I would assume that disabling sharing invitations will also opt you out of RF. So, I think RF profile visibility should currently be being reported correctly by the extension?

  10. J. D. George says:


    Still doing it on v1.8.2 when I sent this — feel free to email me directly, as this is probably clogging things up here on the comments .. I’d like to help track this bug down, but it looks like a really obscure one .. and hard to pound .. 🙂

    Today, it seems to be keeping things more in bounds .. I see 23 dates on a page of 25 people .. but still multiple dates on some ..
    All I did was pull up RF .. and after it loaded, clicked on “sort by most recent first” ..
    .. it is putting dates (not in bold) on people I haven’t invited .. sometimes it has dates going back to Jan 2011, when I first got on .. but not previous to that ..
    .. the page I’m looking at now, is only showing multiple dates in “Introduction Sent” boxes … on one Introduction Accepted .. it says 13 days ago .. but it has only been a day or two ..

    Regards, Dante

  11. admin says:

    I only just released the new version with my latest attempted fix – 1.8.3. It certainly fixes a bug that could cause the issue you describe…

  12. J. D. George says:


    I’m going to keep my eyes pealed .. but I think you may have Pounded that Bug! ..
    Congrats & Job Well Done … 🙂

    New question though … after I “sort by contact status” and click on “Send an introduction” .. the screen grays-out and the dot-wheel starts polling … and it just hangs …. I waited tonight 10 minutes to make sure it wasn’t just me, prematurely disabling the extension … but when I do disable … about 5 seconds later the pop-up shows to do the invitation … the whole time 23andMe has been sending data at roughly 1.2 K/sec .. and when I disable .. it finishes sending, whatever it was doing .. (attempting to re-send the pop-up ? ..) … it’s as though something is blocking the pop-up …

    Regards, Dante

  13. admin says:

    Well, this will sound familiar, but I can’t reproduce that issue. I found one minor issue around handling of RF popups which may or may not be related…. try 1.8.4!

  14. J. D. George says:

    ……….. Doesn’t happen with the first account, whether primary or managed .. can send 5 …. seems to hang at the first attempt on the second account, first try … have very high latency lately, but don’t think that’s it ..

  15. J. D. George says:

    I notice now, that it can happen with any account .. but sometimes the first one makes it thru 5 invites just fine .. when it does hang .. I disable the extension .. then the pop-up happens within about 7 seconds .. I re-enable the extension .. and the next 4 work just fine .. change to next acct, and next account blocks .. and I repeat the process .. 1 then the next 4 fine …

  16. Mark says:

    Looks as though the sorting options in Relative Finder are wiping out the 23++ formatting once selected. Some recent changes seem to have been made to RF, so may’ve disabled oast 23++ functionality.

  17. Mark says:

    Sorry — I was in such a hurry to post yesterday that I forgot to mention the formatting that seems to be lost. Looks as though it’s at the minimum the far-right column that shows status, etc. It loses color coding, date introduction sent, etc.

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