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The extension is now hosted on the Chrome Web Store, since Google made it impossible to  install extensions from anywhere else. This will however remain the home of the extension and the install link on the download page will still work, it just points at the web store.

But as a consequence of this, it’s now possible to rate and review the extension on the Chrome web store, so if you like it (or even if you don’t!) please leave a rating and/or review.

Rate 23++

Google also keep track of how many people are using the extension (yay, no more working this out manually!) and they reckon there are currently 456 users. So I’ll expect to see 456 ratings on the web store shortly!

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  1. Mike Swan says:

    FYI, the download link does nothing currently. Searching the Chrome store for “23++” doesn’t show the extension in the results, and looking for extensions you have written doesn’t lead you to 23++ on the Chrome store. Clicking on the review link above however gets you to a place that allows for downloading of the extension.

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