Extension removed from Chrome web store

For unknown reasons Google have removed 23++ from the Chrome web store, saying that it doesn’t comply with their policies on spam (what?!).

Until this is resolved new users will need to install the extension manually as follows:

  • Right-click on this link and select Save Link As…
  • Open the extensions page in Chrome by navigating to Tools -> Extensions in the menu
  • Click on the arrow next to the download on the download bar and select¬†Show in folder
  • Drag the file (named 23pp-¬†into Chrome, making sure the extensions tab is still selected
  • Confirm the installation by clicking Add

Will post again if/when this gets sorted…

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4 Responses to Extension removed from Chrome web store

  1. Ted says:

    Tried following your workaround, but the link to http://23pp.david-web.co.uk/download/23pp- doesn’t work (right-click and download). Did you move this crx file?



  2. admin says:

    Sorry, had typo’d the link.

    Try it now!

  3. Allisa says:

    Thanks for the post on manually installing chrome extensions! I have made use of this to install some of my favorite extensions. Also, I would love to develop some new extensions using an easy process and have found this article quite useful. You should also check it out and tell me your views on it.


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