A walk through new 23++ features

I’ve added a bunch of new features recently which are easy to miss if you don’t know they’re there, so I thought I’d better point a few of them out.

Firstly, Enhanced Messaging is now enabled by default. I appreciate that some people can’t use it because they have a slow Internet connection or a lot of messages, so it can be disabled in the extension settings (more on that later).

The home page widget has been revamped slightly to fit into the new 23andMe site:


You can hover over it to see which version of 23++ you have, and also link through to this site to see what the latest updates are.

In the community the extension highlights each post in a thread with alternating colours to make them easier to read.


You can pick your own colours in the extension settings. The line spacing has also been changed to make it more sensible and the font is a little bigger.

You can also change the background colour throughout the 23andMe site, in case you find the bright white a bit much. This feature was inspired by this post on using a Firefox extension to do this. It isn’t enabled by default but it can be enabled in the settings. So this:


Becomes this:


You can pick whatever colour you like for the background in the settings.

And here are the new settings pages that have been added to the extension. These allow you to enable or disable extension features and pick colours for the community posts and site background:



These settings can be accessed from the home page widget and also through Chrome by going into Menu -> Tools -> Extensions and clicking on Options in the 23++ entry.

Those are all the major changes, but there have of course been various other minor or cosmetic changes to improve the overall experience. I have updated the about page to detail all of the features currently in the extension (it had got a bit out of date!).

The current extension version is 2.1.4, which you’ll get automatically if you have the extension installed, if you don’t then you can get it here.

And finally, a few stats. In the 2 years and 4 months since I made the first release of the extension it has acquired 878 active users (as of today, according to Google) and now consists of a massive 1,708 lines of code (which doesn’t include the numerous 3rd party libraries the extension uses, or comments).

If you like the extension please consider rating or reviewing it at the Chrome web store.

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3 Responses to A walk through new 23++ features

  1. Angel Piper says:

    Thank you so much for making 23++, it makes using 23andMe so much better.

    I have a suggestion for future releases, though. In DNA Relatives/Relative Finder, you can click on each match and add a personal note for your own reference. I use this, but there’s no way to see which of your matches have notes attached to them unless you click on each one. Would it be possible to either add the option to display the note on the DNA Relatives screen, or at least have it show an asterisk or something to indicate that there’s a note there?

  2. Gina says:

    does this plug in change the way my outgoing invitations/messages are sent to 23andme relatives? I’ve seen someone have a really cool way of doing it and I can’t figure out how other than an extension, though I don’t see you go over it here?

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