A long overdue update

Let me start by thanking the various people who have reported issues with the extension over the last year or so, please accept my apologies for not getting around to fixing them until now.

I have just released version 2.1.8 of 23++ which fixes all the issues that I’m aware of, if anyone has any outstanding ones please let me know. There are no new features in this release I’m afraid, just bug fixes. The reason for this is that I’m simply not using 23andMe any more so don’t spot opportunities for improvements/fixes. I’ve long-since given up on DNA Relatives (it’s impossible to make connections, even when people do respond) and there’s very rarely any updated health reports to look at…

As always you’ll get the update automatically if you have the extension installed.

In other news, looking back at my last post from February 2014 I said that the extension had 1,720 users. Today it has a massive 4,142 according to Google! That’s a 2.5x increase in just over a year! But only 53 reviews in the Chrome web store??? Please rate 23++ if you like it (or even if you don’t).

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4 Responses to A long overdue update

  1. Michele Payne says:

    I love the 23++ extension and I appreciate the work you have put into it. I have had a problem come up though. The last time I used it was a few weeks ago and everything worked fine but I tried to use it today and the first page of my DNA matches show up as they should; the amount of centimorgans shared and time period in which a mutual ancestor may have been born but go to the 2nd page and beyond and it does not show any of that. Just the basic information that 23andme shows. Do you have any clue as to how I can fix this?

    • admin says:

      I’ve just pushed out an update to fix this issue. This was caused by a change 23andMe made, presumably as part of speeding-up DNA Relatives which seems a lot faster to load than it used to be.

      Thanks for letting me know about it.

  2. maysdream says:

    Just tried the extension and it’s great, but…I can no longer see which are my maternal matches. On my child’s profile, the paternal matches show, but not maternal. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      The extension doesn’t do anything to change which matches are displayed, so it shouldn’t be causing any issues. Unfortunately I can’t see what’s going on because I can’t differentiate between my matches.

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