23++ is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that adds additional functionality to 23andMe and makes the site a little nicer to use. It does not work in Internet Explorer or Firefox, only Google Chrome. It absolutely does not:

  • Download, copy or otherwise steal your data – see Privacy & Security
  • Change anything in your account, ever.

This extension is not officially supported or endorsed by 23andMe; as such, it may stop working when 23andMe make changes to their website.

The extension is offered at no charge.


Note that if you have multiple profiles, each of these features will work with the currently-selected profile.

Throughout the site, an extra log-out button is added to the navigation bar for ease of access:


If you find lots of white space a bit much for your eyes, the extension can be configured to change the background colour of all pages throughout 23andMe. This isn’t enabled by default, but can be enabled in the settings.

Home Page

On the home page, there’s a new widget which reports on the status of your profile – it checks whether you’ve filled in all the fields, how many surnames you have, whether you’re public in Relative Finder and if any important e-mail notifications are disabled (e.g. sharing invitations). It also has a link to the 23++ extension settings and if you hover over the widget, you can see what version of 23++ you have.


In the home page news feed, the extension changes the date associated with each item and instead tells you how long ago it was updated (e.g. 2 days ago instead of April 22nd).

Relative Finder

The extension adds a number of features to Relative Finder:

  • Auto-matching of surnames – names that match your currently-selected profile are highlighted*
  • Addition of country flags – where a user has specified their country of birth or residence, a flag is added to make it clear where someone is from when quickly scrolling through results*
  • MRCA estimate – based on the relationship range, an estimate of your most recent common ancestor’s (MRCA) birth date is added
  • Number of cM shared – the number of centimorgans shared with a match is added alongside the percent of DNA shared
  • Communication dates – where you have pending communication requests (who doesn’t, right?), the extension shows how long ago the request was sent
  • Contact status colour coding – the contact status column is now colour-coded depending on the contact status (green for sharing, orange for pending and red for declined or cancelled)
  • Calculate age – where a match has made their year of birth public, the extension calculates their age and displays it*
  • Cosmetic changes – various cosmetic changes have been made to make the interface a little clearer – no more difficult-to-read small grey text and your total number of matches is made more prominent

* feature also available when viewing profile pages.




The 23andMe Inbox has been completely replaced with one that allows you to easily browse, sort and filter your messages. A new bulk-archive function is included to help you tidy your inbox and pending Relative Finder invitations can be hidden on the Sent messages page.



In the community, threads you started or have contributed to are highlighted, as are your posts within the threads.

23++ Community

Within threads, each message is given an alternating background colour to make them more readable. If you don’t like the default colours, you can change them in the extension settings.


My Profile

A few new features have been added when editing your profile – a profile completeness indicator and a live count of the number of surnames you’ve entered. A little advice is also given by the surnames box to ensure surnames are entered correctly – if not, auto-matching won’t work.

It’s also possible to automatically sort your surnames alphabetically at the click of a button.

23++ Profile Completeness

23++ Profile Surnames


The extension has a settings page when some of the features can be enabled or disabled, and you can also customise some of the colours used throughout the website.



Please be aware that this extension is absolutely not supported or endorsed by 23andMe in any way – please do not complain to 23andMe if the extension doesn’t work, complain to me.

This extension is © David Johnson 2010-2015 and is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.0 (or, at your option, any later version). The following disclaimer applies to this software:

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

Please therefore note that there is no warranty, no guarantee that the extension will work and no guarantee that it won’t mess up your account somehow. Users are advised to ensure that use of the extension does not violate 23andMe’s terms of service and if in doubt seek legal advice.

23andMe is a trademark of 23andMe Inc.

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