Get more from your data

There are a number of services outside of 23andMe to which you can submit your raw data to obtain alternative interpretations or analysis. Some will also take data from Family Tree DNA & deCODEme. Here’s a list of the most popular to get you started.

Dr. Doug McDonald

Doug McDonald will perform BioGeographical Ancestry (BGA) testing of your data file to determine where your ancestors are likely to be from (similar to Ancestry Painting). This is a free service. To participate, e-mail your zipped raw data file to Here’s an example of the kind of information you’ll get (yours will probably be more interesting!):

Europe 98.9%
Oceania -0.1%
America 0.5%
Africa 0.5%
E. Asia -0.5%

Europe 95.6%
S. Asia 4.6%
Oceania -0.3%
America 0.3%
Africa 0.3%
E. Asia -1.1%

Europe 90.9%
Mideast 6.5%
S. Asia 3.4%
Oceania -0.3%
America 0.4%
Africa -0.5%
E. Asia -1.1%

This is reasonably normal for western Europe. The reversed Mideast-S. Asian on the bottom panel is odd, and has never been explained for people who have it. But its small.

My newer program says you fit a large number of possible two-fold mixtures of western and either southern or eastern Europe. However, the average of these, which is most reliable, is quite clearly in southern England.

Some people add their results to this public spreadsheet.


Promethease is a piece of Windows software that will analyse your 23andMe data and generate a report containing an alternate interpretation of your health traits and risks. This is a free service, although a paid upgrade is available.

The program can be downloaded from here.

Jim McMillan

Jim McMillan runs a DNA Cousins project to identify people who are related, similar to Relative Finder. The difference is that he accepts data from multiple sources (e.g. Genomes Unzipped) and identifies matches below the threshold that 23andMe reports (so more distant relatives will be found). This is also a free service. To participate, send your zipped 23andMe raw data file to

In return he’ll send you a spreadsheet of your matches. His spreadsheets can also be downloaded from here. More information can be found in this 23andMe community thread (log-in required).

HIR Search

Another free service to identify relatives beyond the distance that 23andMe reports. HIR search results are searchable and browsable online.

To participate, e-mail you zipped raw data file to

Adriano Squecco

Adriano Squecco runs a Y-Chromosome Genome Comparison project to help with research into the SNPs that define paternal haplogroups. Instructions for participating are available on his web site.

He will add your data to his Y-Chromosome spreadsheets, which are available via his Facebook page. He updates this thread at DNA Forums when new results are added (log-in required).

Eurogenes 500K SNP BioGeographicAncestry Project

This project performs BGA testing of your data and generates various kinds of analysis and visualisations. For more information, see the web site.


EthnoAncestry’s Total Genomic Ancestry Classification service performs BGA testing similar to Doug McDonald, but includes more reference populations so may give more accurate results. This is a paid service, currently costing 99 USD.

Users of 23andMe or deCODEme simply upload their raw data to make use of this service. See their website for more information.

Dodecad Ancestry Project

Dodecad also provides BGA testing – see the website for more information.


An online tool to analyse 23andMe raw data to identify runs of Homozygosity, which can be indicative of inbreeding. Try it here. Note that it only works in Firefox 3.6 and above.


SNPTips is a free Firefox browser extension that reads your 23andMe raw data and allows you to see your genotype when SNPs are referenced on any web page. Get it here.

This is just a sub-set of the projects and services available. Know of a project that should be listed here? Let me know. A list is also available on the ISOGG wiki.