23++ Chrome Extension 2.0.1

Reading the comments in 23andMe’s new navigation feedback thread, one of the main complaints is the readability of the forum. I can fix this!

Forum posts are now in a slightly larger font, have sensible line spacing and an alternating background colour which is easier on the eyes. I’ve also made the posts a little wider and changed various pieces of information that were in 23andMe’s favourite grey-coloured font to black, so you can actually read them.


I am thinking about replacing the 23andMe homepage and/or navigation in a future release, so let me have any suggestions…

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Support for 23andMe’s new website

23andMe have announced that they’re going to launch the new version of their website, which has been in beta for a while, on the evening of Monday 8th April.

Many of you have noticed that the extension doesn’t currently work with the new site and will be pleased to hear that I’ll be pushing a new release to the Chrome webstore on Monday evening. I know it’s frustrating for those of you who have been using the new site for some time, but I can’t make the new release available any sooner since it doesn’t work with the old site which many people are still using.

There are no major changes in this new version, but plenty of bug fixes and optimisations behind-the-scenes. As usual I’ve made various cosmetic changes to the site to make things more readable (so grey text on a white background is mostly banished!). I also added an extra ‘logout’ button to the toolbar at the top of the page as 23andMe have hidden it inside a menu for some reason.

As always, you’ll get the update automatically if you already have the extension installed so you don’t need to do anything. If you don’t currently have the extension installed, the new version will be available to install from the download page from approximately 2200 BST on Monday.

My thanks go to 23andMe for tipping me off about the upcoming changes back in November and giving me access to the beta so I could update the extension ahead of the new site going live.

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23++ is back on the Chrome Web Store

As of today the extension is now available through the Chrome Web Store again, so the install link on the download page will work.

Google hasn’t offered any explanation (or apology!) for it being removed in the first place. On the plus side the extension is now appearing in search results in the web store, which it wasn’t before, so at least something good has come from this.

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Extension removed from Chrome web store

For unknown reasons Google have removed 23++ from the Chrome web store, saying that it doesn’t comply with their policies on spam (what?!).

Until this is resolved new users will need to install the extension manually as follows:

  • Right-click on this link and select Save Link As…
  • Open the extensions page in Chrome by navigating to Tools -> Extensions in the menu
  • Click on the arrow next to the download on the download bar and select Show in folder
  • Drag the file (named 23pp- into Chrome, making sure the extensions tab is still selected
  • Confirm the installation by clicking Add

Will post again if/when this gets sorted…

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Rate or review 23++

The extension is now hosted on the Chrome Web Store, since Google made it impossible to  install extensions from anywhere else. This will however remain the home of the extension and the install link on the download page will still work, it just points at the web store.

But as a consequence of this, it’s now possible to rate and review the extension on the Chrome web store, so if you like it (or even if you don’t!) please leave a rating and/or review.

Rate 23++

Google also keep track of how many people are using the extension (yay, no more working this out manually!) and they reckon there are currently 456 users. So I’ll expect to see 456 ratings on the web store shortly!

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