23++ Chrome Extension updated for Relative Finder changes

I know it’s been a while since the last release of the extension, but I’ve not abandoned it – honest!

I’ve today released a version that works correctly with the new Relative Finder sorting options at 23andMe. There’s no other visible changes or new features, just some improvements behind the scenes.

As always, if you’ve already got the extension it will be updated automatically. If you don’t have the extension, you can download it here (though if you have a newer version of Chrome it may not let you download it from here; I’m working on moving the extension to the Chrome web store to fix this).

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23++ Chrome Extension updated for Relative Finder v2

The promised Relative Finder changes are now upon us and as expected the RF features in the extension had to be largely re-written to work with the new interface.

The good news is that this is complete! As 23andMe have failed to implement any of the extension’s features themselves all the original features have been restored:

  • Auto-matching of surnames
  • Addition of country flags
  • MRCA estimate
  • Calculation of cM shared
  • Date pending communications were sent
  • Age calculation

In addition I have made a number of cosmetic changes which I hope make the interface clearer – my intention being to make the important things stand out, which they don’t by default:

  • Your total number of matches is now more prominent
  • No more small grey text
  • Profile pictures are made bigger
  • Match names are made bigger and bold
  • Predicted relationship is made bold
  • The contact status column is colour-coded based on contact status
  • You sometimes get empty boxes if users don’t enter surnames or places correctly, these are hidden


As always there has also been some minor bug fixes and optimisations behind-the-scenes. If you already have the extension you’ll get the new version (v1.8.0) automatically, if not head to the download page.

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23++ Chrome Extension v1.7.1 released

There’s nothing terribly exciting in this release, it primarily adds some optimisations behind-the-scenes and fixes some minor bugs. With the forthcoming update of Relative Finder (23andMe login required), I decided to add some code to disable the 23++ Relative Finder features on release day. While I wouldn’t expect anything untoward to happen, it’s cleaner if the features are initially disabled until I have time to review the new interface and decide what features I need to keep and which are no longer required. No doubt they will all require rewriting to work correctly with the new interface anyway.

If you’ve already got the extension you’ll get the update automatically, if not head to the download page.

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If you like 23++, you might like…

Browsing the as-yet-untranscribed 1911 UK census available on Ancestry the other day, I got tired of clicking and scrolling through hundreds of pages just to find the one I wanted (having found the right registration district in the summary books). So naturally I wrote a browser extension to do it for me… well, it started out as a way to browse through the 1911 census, then every collection on every Ancestry site…

So now I can sit back and watch the records scroll by without getting RSI. Typically now that I’ve written it there’s no more records I want to find, but maybe it’ll save other people some time…

If you want to try it, you can get it from the Chrome Web Store.

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23++ Chrome Extension 1.7 released

Hot on the heels of 1.6, I have today released version 1.7 of the 23++ Chrome extension.

This release extends the enhanced messaging functionality to Sent and Archived messages and adds the ability to archive messages in bulk.

A small change, but the extension now calculates age from birth year on user’s profile pages.

It may not look like much, but the messaging features represent many hours of work – I probably won’t be doing any more releases for a while! It seems to have been appreciated though, since there were 40% more¬†downloads¬†of the last release (343 in total) compared to the previous one.

As always, if you’ve already installed the extension you’ll get the update automatically, if not you can get it from the download page.

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